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NuWidgets announces - BucketVise™ - its first product to market!

BucketVise is introduced to the retail market

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NuWidgets has introduced its first product, BucketVise™, to the retail market.  BucketVise™ is a tool used to stabilize a 3.5 to 5 gallon bucket.  It is utilized when mixing, stirring or otherwise using the bucket for work tasks  that requires a stable, not moving, spinning, or tipping, bucket.  BucketVise™ was developed by a construction industry professional but has proven to be just as useful for the occasional DIYer.



BucketVise is a large thermoplastic rubber ring with "wings" that allows the user to insert most 3.5 to 5 gallon plastic buckets in its center ring to significantly increase the stability of the bucket.  Then the contents of the bucket can be mixed, stirred or used without the bucket spinning or moving around on the floor or other surface and  thereby reducing the possibility of injury, spillage and the loss of the contents..

Because of the pliable, ruberized materials the BucketVise is made of, placing a bucket with the BucketVise™ attached will reduce the risk of scratching the surface of most polish finished surfaces.

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