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NuWidgets offers its services to the independent inventor as well as any corporation or company seeking to investigate the diverse products being offered by our clients OR having a product developed specifically for their company.

Consultation and Product Development Services

Individual - Coaching at all levels of product development, idea development, intellectual property assessment, prototyping, packaging and marketing.  We can present existing or developing products to industry for the independent inventor.

Corporate - Contractual development of new innovative products for industry through research, engineering and ingenuity.  Give us your thoughts for a new line of products or an addition to your existing line and we will do the rest.
With more than twenty years experience in the inventing and IP world, as our tag line says, we think there is no box.  We believe there is a solution to any problem and ideas are great to come up with, but, the solution of developing a product to solve the problem is the true invention.

All information being exchanged on any outside project(s will be kept strictly confidential.  Non-disclosure agreements will be provided or we will sign yours if you have your own.


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Terry Dellinger, President/CEO